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October 30, 2010


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John Winston Sherman

Today I was thinking about the quote from the Rock Man and googled it just to make sure i was saying it corretly in my head (I was), and i found your recorded memory here. It is actually a bit like mine, in that I too remember being a little boy laying on my stomach in my room at my childhood home listening to the record my father had given me. I could always close my eyes and the sound of Harry's voice along with the playful music and storyline would create a very clear mental image of all that was happening to Oblio. It wasn't until recently that I bought a copy of the album (this time on CD) and I'm not kidding, but as soon as I reached the part in the story where I used to have to get up and turn the record over, the memories of a happy little me in my own room came back strongly and even made me feel a bit misty. Now I've got a little girl of my own who is only 6 months old and I cannot wait to share it with her. I just selfishly sometimes wish I could be a little me again just to feel the excitement of a story that only a young imagination can turn into reality. Even if only for an albums length.


That album is still waiting for you in Lumsden to share with Annie. In fact I think her auntie put it on for her when Annie was last visiting...

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