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January 10, 2009


lisa mitchell

thank you, g! :)
I looked to your albums for inspiration, you know! :)


very nice...very nice!

lisa mitchell

Thanks, Manda! I hope they will like them. Yes, the Magi brought me some nice gifts this year. The main one being my sewing machine. (In order to truly be "my mother's daughter", I must become a sewer!!) :) Wish me luck!

Manda Lawrence

i'm sure all your work will be appreciated, LisaMitch - they are beautiful.

weren't the Magi good to you!?

lisa mitchell

thank you, Pam! thanks for dropping by :)


This is just stunning Lisa

lisa mitchell

Thanks, Sue! Thank you, lisa! I will be sure to share anything I make...if it's worthy of being seen, that is!! ;)

sue brown

the albums are fantastic Lisa. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have fun with your new sewing machine.

Lisa Dawn

great job on the albums! they are wonderful. Good to hear that you're over the flu and are happily moving about creating your little heart out. Show us what you make with your new sewing machine. I have to take mine and get it looked at. I am missing not being able to use it.....

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