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May 03, 2009


lisa mitchell

HI, Pam! Thanks so much for your feedback! And I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. Yes, the workshop was great--I am currently organizing another 1-day workshop for September that will feature techniques and a Prima endorsed project with a soon-to-be-announced designer from Germany. I'm really excited about it because it is going to be SO much fun. If you think you might be in the neighbourhood, let me know! :) CHeers! Lisa

Pam M

Ahhh Lisa I so have been inspired by your spanish blog photos
would love to take one of your live classes they look so much fun

lisa mitchell

Hey, Karen!
Thank you so much for your kind feedback :)
You've made my day!
CHeers, Lisa


Hi Lisa,

i just came by for another look - WOW - there is so much great stuff posted here - there are some absolutely awesome layouts posted here

i have to come back again soon



thanks for the link Lisa..am going to have a look when i get a few minutes :)

lisa mitchell

Hello KLH!!
Thank you so much for saying hello and for your lovely feedback on my blog and work :D
I would be honoured for you to share my layout/words with your soon-to-be-mom friend. Thank you so much for asking.
You are free to share them with her however you like. Let me know if you need any help with any of the text (if you are not able to read it clearly from the photo)
Thanks so much again for your feedback--it was one that I was a bit leery to share (not your typical scrapbooking layout topic and obviously challenges the norms!!), however I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions of women on the issue, so I am glad I did share it and put it out there for people to see...Cheers from Barcelona!

lisa mitchell

Hey, Nathalie! Yes, the workshop was really wonderful. The facilitator, Brianda Domecq, is lovely and is very skilled at what she does. Thanks for commenting!


i came by from g's blog to see what you do and it would be rude not to say hello

lovely to look through your blog

how cool that you presented one of g's classes - i had a look there too from your link - love what everyone did - i too bought this class - loads of fun - love spackling

you truly have a way with words - i loved the layout you did on the fear of childbirth - i have a close friend who is soon to give birth and would love to show her your thoughts - or write them on a note for her - would you be happy for me to do that? - of course i would tell her who wrote them and where to see your layout

thanks for sharing your beautiful layouts



oh that sounds like such a great workshop with Byron Katie!!!

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