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June 11, 2009


lisa mitchell

Thank you, Pam!

Hey, lisa--thanks for pointing that out: memory of us by nightlight. That makes it a little more poetic and less exasperating. Don't know where that comes from, honestly.
Glad you like the CJs :) happy monday (where you are! ;)

Lisa  Dawn

oh, poor little Annie! I wonder why she won't let you fix her up all nice and better? lol Nice memory for you and your husband though I would imagine. In the soft light, helping each other with taking care of your little girl, both showing tenderness and love for her. Nice that the light wasn't bright.
hope there isn't too much more pain and screaming.
Your CJ's are beautiful Lisa! I don't think anyone will be sending them back....


you know I've loved all of your CJ pages lisa-so inspirational!!

lisa mitchell

Thanks so much, Julie! ;D

julie thornton

Oh these are all gorgeous Lisa, I love them all!

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