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June 14, 2009


lisa mitchell

hey, lisa! yes, the mermaids! not glasses, she is just very specific with the eyes, and given the marker, looks a little intense ;)
Yes, Ariel is a big part of Annie's world too. Interesting formation of archetypal patters they do in their symbolic/mythological world when they play, eh?
Minimoy movie: a MUST see: http://www.arthur-movie.com/
it would make for a great movie nite with you. Love it.
Hope you are doing groovy. thanks for stopping by ;) matta ne!

Lisa Dawn

sounds like you had a great day. Annie's mermaids are cute! I am wondering why they have glasses. Willow also loved the little mermaid and played her a lot. She was Ariel for halloween two years in a row, and she still wears the ariel dress she has even now.
Don't know the minimoy movie, will have to look for it.
It's hot here as well, but it's still cooling down at night so even though it may go up to above 30 during the day, it's still bearable. I hate summer when the nights cool down to 30....
Pizza sounded great.

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