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June 05, 2009


lisa mitchell

hi, lisad, thanks for your comments. Yes, she is standing on a tree, one that was above her Dad's head (he is on the other side, about to hold her hand ;) as her mother honks for him to make sure she is safe!
You're right, they do look like a series (unintentional!): I guess that's what happens when you do them all at the same time!! ;) Big hugs to you and Willow :) matta ne!

Lisa  Dawn

I love that photo of Annie, standing on a tree is what it looks like. Good to hear that you had a great weekend. I just saw your CJ pages that you posted on flickr. Looking like a series. Nice soft feeling to them all. though the one for Sue looks a bit haunting. don't know if I would like to look at it much, though I do see beauty in it. Hope this week is going as well as last week did.

lisa mitchell

Thank you, PamM! :)

Pam M

LOVE this box, so beautiful, gorgeous photos also, neat tree

lisa mitchell

thanks so much, Nat! You have a good weekend yourself! :D


Those pictures are gorgeous and I totally love the wooden box. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend :)

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