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August 14, 2009


lisa mitchell

Pam, Nat, thanks for sharing your reactions.
It's good to know that others related to how it is for me to live "split" between two sides of the world ;))

lisa mitchell

Hi, Julie, so glad you enjoyed it. Didn't think about that, but yes, we are all in such different looking places! Hmmmm, maybe there's a group project in there somewhere!! ;))

lisa mitchell

Hey, Wendy, thanks for the visit. Yes, we had such a great experience this year, and the landscape was a bit part of it. So much open space and sky and countryside. Hard to come back to a "condensed" environment, such as we have over here.

julie thornton

Oh wow Lisa...loved watching your slide show. It made me realise how we all come from such different environments...lovely!


I can't believe how green the country side is.. it is very beautiful... so glad you had a terrific trip home!

lisa mitchell

Hi, Sue! Thanks so much for dropping by. I'm so glad you enjoyed them :)


I so love your blog post and your photos! I had some tears too - I know the feeling just as the wife of someone who experiences the same as you.


Oh I know those feelings all too well-I got almost teary looking at your home coming. I have missed every family wedding in the last 20 years!!

sue brown

oh wow Lisa, your home town looks awesome and the view!!!! How wonderful this trip must have been for you all, thanks for letting us have a little peek.

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