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March 25, 2010


lisa mitchell

hey, g, so glad to hear all is well. I do miss your work though. (Doubt that you've exhausted all your creative juice...no way, jose!) I'm working on the show & tell --just that darn "Life" getting in the way right now (argghhh!!) HUGS!


hope you had a fab time Lisa! got your e-mail with the link. thanks so much for thinking of me. I am swamped and no time for creating but that's the way my life is going right now. it's all good though. perhaps I have created all i am supposed to in this life.

you must show and tell all that TH and his pals taught you!

lisa mitchell

HOla, Noies! Si, em van incloure avui en els projectes. A mi també sempre em fa il.lusió! Gracias per comentar-ho--una abraçada!

carla i esther

Hola Lisa, he vist el teu treball a ScrapScene i m'ha fet molta il.lusió. Una abraçada

lisa mitchell

Thank you, my friend! It was fun. Congrats to you, again, on your paper line, btw! Wonderbar! ;)


so fun!!!! Congrats on being there!!!!

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