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June 09, 2010


lisa mitchell

Hey, Lucy! Thanks for dropping by the blog. I hope you have a great time at CHA and a wonderful summer! Hugs from Barcelona! :)

lucy edson

Congrats, Lisa!!! Such a nice write up!! Looks like you have been busy.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment on my video! :)

lisa mitchell

Hey, Lisa, thanks for dropping by. So far the summer has been full of activities, not be boring--and mostly just trying to stay cool! So happy for you and Willow on your trip to Canada, wish we were there this year to meet up with you!! Big hugs to you both, and have a great trip!

Lisa Dawn

hello Lisa,

How is your summer going? busy? must be since you haven't had time to update your blog. I am heading back to Canada in a couple days and I am so so so so happy to be leaving Japan! happier than going to Canada I think. I just need out! lol

Just a little note to say "have a great summer" Hope to hear about what you get up to. take care,

lisa mitchell

Thank you, Nat! :D thanks for dropping by!


this is so cool- congrats girl!

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